Photo of Brohdny Ricketts with new shipment of his book, The Walk

The Walk ~ The Book that Started it all

The Walk now in it's second printing, shares applicable real-life examples that we can all learn from. The "seven words" are now paired with other helpful ways to live a better lifestyle. The cover of the book illustrates how one has many different roads to get to the same destination.

Our goals in life are very similar to one another, but we do not all walk the same path. This book demonstrates how we all can take different roads to get to the same point. The seven words implemented into one’s life will improve oneself, spiritual believer or nonbeliever.

Brohdny Ricketts

Founder of The Walk 615 and Walk 615 LLC, and creator of the Motivational L.D.R.S.H.I.P. Program, has recently partnered with Community Action Organization (CAO) of Western New York to strengthen the foundation from which Motivational L.D.R.S.H.I.P. has taken root; and it’s growing FAST!

A pioneer in the creative delivery of motivational leadership programs, Walk 615 LLC applies modern psychological theories to aid communities in the development of virtue and leadership.

Post evaluation of the Motivational L.D.R.S.H.I.P. program’s efficacy has shown a 90% success rate for engaging participants with its core message, instilling applicable leadership values and techniques that benefit participants continually and reliably after completion of the program.

Brohdny Ricketts’ Motivational L.D.R.S.H.I.P. program consists of 7 Core Precepts delivered through proven contemporary psychology frameworks. These 7 Core Precepts, if embraced and embodied, will help anyone become a Great Leader. It works by doing a deep-dive into the greater meaning of The 7 Precepts and how to weave them seamlessly into our daily lives.

Photo of Brohdny Ricketts
Photo of Kevin Zephaniah

Kevin Zephaniah

Kevin Zephaniah is a Haitian-American who believes that it takes one man that is inspired by God to inspire a nation. As a doting husband and a father of 3 children, Kevin Zephaniah strives earnestly to be that kind of man.

He has 13 years of experience in business management and majored in Criminal Justice at John Jay College in New York, NY. With all that he has learned and experienced, Kevin never misses an opportunity to practice what he preaches.

As a prophet, a mentor, and one of the leaders in The New Revelation Church of Christ, Kevin has dedicated his life to outreach ministry in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Africa for nearly two decades. Now Kevin Zephaniah is partnering with “The Walk” in our efforts to be a voice and model of inspiration to our youth.

Jerome Suah a.k.a. YounKonde

Jerome Suah aka Younkonde was born in West Africa, Liberia. As a kid, Jerome Suah was separated from his parents during the fourteen years of civil war that took place in Liberia at a very tender age. Because of this, he had to experience life in the streets of Monrovia, from one orphanage home to another.

Years later he was given the opportunity to migrate to New York; Jerome Suah’s passion for music began in 1998 when he bought his first Reggae Album called “Reggae Power”.

In 2014 he was nominated best Reggae artist at the Liberian Music Awards (LMA). Within the same year Younkonde also signed to Code Red Globe.

YounKonde believes many young people can benefit from listening to his music and hearing his life's story. It is for this reason and through his desirre to "give back" to hiis community that he has chosen to partner with The Walk 615 and support the great work we do!